A Lesson for the Stubborn Squirrel

Once upon a time, there lived a mother squirrel, father squirrel, and two little squirrels as a family. Mother squirrel and father squirrel was loving their kids very much.  But the younger squirrel was very stubborn. He always quarreled with his elder brother. He was not obeying his parents. Mother squirrel was always advising him but he never cared about her words.

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A Tale Without End.

Once upon a time, about sun set, a little shepherd lad was pasturing his sheep, near a wide brook. Of course the boy was in a great hurry to get home, where he knew a good supper was waiting for him.

Now the wide brook had only a narrow plank for a bridge, so that the sheep were obliged to cross over, in a line, one at a time. Now children, let us wait till the boy has driven all his sheep over the bridge, then I will finish my story.